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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

PageRank 9 Sites

Scott Vivian created an overview of domains with a PageRank of 9 and 10. He argues that once such an overview was available on Wikipedia, but that it was deleted... so he wanted to recreate this info because he found it to be “a great resource.” Scott explains that many of the high-PR pages were found by googling for http, www, the, a and similar keywords, and asks for your additions to be sent to webmaster[at-character]

The PageRank 10 list includes many old favorites, like the following (note: those services which get you to include a backlink button are often ending up high in these charts):

The PageRank 9 list is much larger (I guess the quantity grows exponentially with a lower PR). Here’s an excerpt:

What’s interesting to note is that the PR9 list includes many “old time” sites which are almost irrelevant today, like AltaVista. I suspect this either means that a) a lot of people are truly still loyal to these old sites, b) these pages are often linked to when discussing their historical importance, or that c) there’s simply loads of links from deserted websites which Google still values in current PageRank-updates. And that brings up the question of whether Google might not be better off if it lowers the “link weight” of the lost & forgotten part of the web...


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