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Friday, March 16, 2007

Your Google Wish List?

Xmas is over already, but Brinke in the forum started a Google product wish list thread. What next big (or small) thing do you want to come out of the Googleplex?

Dreamweaver Google Add-on

WebAssist offers Dreamweaver users a set of free tools for integrating Google stuff onto websites.

There are Flash tours available for their Checkout, Maps, and Search components.

Question: who of you uses a visual editor for web development and/ or programming, and who prefers the simplicitiy of a text editor? (I’m in the latter camp.)

[Via Google’s blogs.]

Google Shows Your Backlinks Text

This is pretty cool for webmasters – Google now offers you to see the most popular link text pointing to your site. Just go to your Google Webmaster Tools -> Statistics -> Page analysis. (The texts are normalized so that special characters don’t matter, but spelling errors will still show as duplicates.) While Google mentions that they show up to 100 items, I’m not sure how they rank those, though.

[Via the official Google Webmaster blog.]

Google Rebang Live

The Chinese Google Rebang is live now (it was briefly live before, but then Google pulled it again). It’s a Google Labs project showing search trends, a la Google Zeitgeist, but for China (“re bang” can be translated to “hot ranking,” according to Haochi Chen).

As with the recent Google Navigator for China, links open in a new window. Yang Fan commented, “I think most Chinese people like to open a link in new window(a strange habit, isn’t it?).”

Join the ongoing comments.

[Thanks Haochi!]

Google in Cat and Girl Cartoon

Knowledge is power, but sometimes we way wish to go back to the times where it wasn’t as easy to discover everything.
[Thanks Kiripolszky!]


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