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Friday, March 9, 2007

Google China’s New Directory

Google China launched a new web/ web navigation directory at (see the automated translation), Chinese Gseeker reports. The directory (a Google Labs product that didn’t make it onto the Chinese homepage yet) includes sections such as search, video, communities, games or music sites.

The site allowed me to do some configuration – you can move categories up and down – but most settings were lost after closing and re-opening the browser. I’m not sure if that’s intentional, or just buggy (another feature where I wasn’t sure about that was that every link opened a new window... including those links that are already in secondary windows).

Can anyone speaking Chinese explain more, e.g. what the FAQ says? For instance, from what little I understand with Google’s auto-translation, the directory is partly ranked dynamically.

PS: If you had any doubts how important China’s huge user base is in Google’s global strategy, just look at the number of releases that seem to be exclusive to Google China lately... like a Chinese homepage suggestion feature including Pinyin translation, the temporarily available Rebang site, and now this new directory service.

[Thanks Ken Wong in the forum!]


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