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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Share a Picasa Photo and You Share the Whole Album

Friend Steve recently asked me, “Picasa Albums are private now, right?”, and I told him, well yeah, you can unlist an album and then it will have a hard-to-guess URL* (which you can then share which friends)... but there’s no real password protection for photos. And here’s an interesting use case courtesy of Fred Jeffry: you create an unlisted album, say your “private pics” album. This album contains 100 images, and you click on one of them. You will now see the link "Share Photo" at the top right. Following this button will allow you to “Send an email link to this photo” to a specified list of recipients. However, and that’s the problem, those recipients you invited to this 1 photo (which maybe you considered not that private after all) will now be able to see the other 99 as well – thanks to the “view album” link displayed next to the photo.

*This was different in the beginning – private URLs were often easy to guess – but Google changed it after feedback.


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