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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Google Talk Web Version Improvements

Google’s instant messenger, Google Talk, started out as a desktop application, then moved to Gmail as Google Chat, and then got a Google Gadget for the personalized homepage (named Google Talk as well, but being Flash-based this time). And now, Google allows you to just go to and hit the “Launch Google Talk” button to start the web app inside a new lean (but resizable) window.

I think this is even better than the personalized homepage gadget, and just the way a web app ought to be. The official Google Talk blog has some more refinement announcements, mentioning a “launch Talk” button for you to take-away, as well as support for Flickr slideshows if you paste Flickr URLs into your chat (the only problem is that Google Talk won’t allow me to copy & paste, thanks to – I think – a Firefox/ Flash security restriction).


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