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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Full Movies on Google Video

Google Video at this time hosts what seems to be the full version of Butterfly Effect 2*. The twist? It’s been named “Alaska Adventure” – description: “ winter glaciers in alaska. I watched from the cruise ship. The ice blocks break off” – to obfuscate its real content. Expect this to be removed anytime soon, but Ars Technica reports it’s just one of many copyright “issues” on YouTube due to sites outsourcing their video content. Naked Gun 3, for instance, is also online, and has been since January this year.

*Horrible movie, by the way, and nothing like the fun first one.

[Via Digg.]

Update: As was to be expected, the videos have been removed now that the news broke. Not that this was a fast removal; e.g. The Butterfly Effect had been live since November 11, 2006.


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