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Friday, April 20, 2007

Just Google It, Psychedelic Version (Video)

JustLanded sings, “If you’re looking for the name of your lord, just google it.” The band say they are a “Multimedia Performance Group, which brings together music, dance and theater into one amazingly visual cosmic spectacle.” (I came across this in a French documentary on Google that just ran on Arte TV – thanks Rolf M. and Michiel O. for pointing it out.)

More Full Movies on Google Video

As pointed out by TK in the last post on this subject, sometimes full movies at Google Video hide behind the movie title spelled backwards. Search for “knarc”, and you can find the movie “Crank” viewable online. This video has been online since December 2006, and has been viewed over 64,000 times already. (There’s no indication that Google has permission to reproduce the full movie, though of course that may be the case.) I wonder how wide-spread this issue is for Google Video – are instances of full videos extra-rare exceptions, or quite common if only you know what to search for? [Thanks TK in the forum!]


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