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Friday, June 1, 2007

Google’s Internal Company Goals Revisited

A lot has happened with Google since I posted about their internal company papers around half a year ago. Many of the products or features which were outlined in Google’s then-secret company goals have now become (virtual) reality:

Some goals from their documents are hard to measure or verify (we don’t know if they have the world’s top AI lab by now, for instance) while other outlined objectives may still be in the pipeline, to be revealed at a later point (Google mentioned a paid content results section on, whatever that means, as well as a “radically improved” Google News prototype allowing “other news sources, and organizations and individuals mentioned in news stories to debate specific points” – perhaps we’ll see new revelations in mid-June when Marissa Mayer and Eric Schmidt are coming to Paris, according to Google). All in all, Google reached a whole lot of their objectives and it becomes more obvious than ever that their business strategy, as random as it sometimes appears from an outside view, is often following a well-defined path. I wonder where it will lead Google users – and it’s hard to not be a user of Google (in one way or another) if you’re online in 2007 – in the coming months and years.


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