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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

[Meta] Got an Article for This Blog?

Do you have an idea for an article but you don’t maintain a regular blog? Maybe a tutorial on a new Google product, or a proposal for a new Google product, or something else tech-related? Or you want to throw something out there to get some comments from all of us? Or you want to be more known in the SEO world? Or you snapped some photos of a Google office? Or you want to report on a local non-US search market where you live? Or you have a burning opinion on something you’d like to get out? Or... the list goes on.
In short, if you have anything article-like you would like to contribute to Google Blogoscoped, please email your idea or draft to me. If you already have a blog, I can also include your post here as well for some extra distribution (with the link back to you, as usual).

Added to article ideas, as usual, your tips via email or in the forum are highly welcome. If you spotted something unusual on a site, or you read an interesting article about Google which lets you see the company or its tools in a new light, or anything else you consider blog-worthy, I love to hear it. Also, you can post something longer in the forum, and I’ll have a look at it and turn it into a blog post every now and then. If you have a tip but you don’t want your name to appear, you can request anonymity and I’ll keep the source fully confidential.

Google Earth as Crime Tool?

“One of the plotters behind the alleged scheme to explode gas pipelines at John F. Kennedy airport directed his co-conspirators to use Google Earth to obtain detailed aerial photos of the targeted facility,” The Smoking Gun reports, showing excerpts from a federal criminal complaint. I guess Google Earth can be a tool like a computer is one, pencil and paper are, email, a hammer, a book from a library, a (paper) map, shoes, gloves, cars, and so on and so forth, many of which are utilized in crime. The real issue might be the ratio in which a tool is used for legal vs illegal uses...
[Thanks Brinke Guthrie!]


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