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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Google Acquired PeakStream
By Colin Colehour

As reported by a Register article posted earlier today, Google has acquired Peakstream Inc. Google confirms the acquisition, telling us “Yes, Google has acquired PeakStream. Terms of the deal are not being disclosed.” From The Register’s article:

PeakStream had developed tools that improve the performance of single-threaded applications on multi-core chips. Such tools should prove useful to coders who don’t want to deal with complex, parallel code but do want to take advantage of performance gains delivered via products such as GPGPUs (general purpose GPUs) from Nvidia and AMD/ATI and even multi-core x86 processors.

Peakstream’s website is currently out of commission and the cached copies aren’t much to look at. Quote from the homepage:

The PeakStream Platform is the first commercially available software application platform that makes it easy to program new high performance, multi-core and parallel processors, and convert them into radically powerful computing engines for computationally intense applications. Available in Linux and Windows, the PeakStream Platform is offered in two product editions – a Workstation Edition licensed for individual use in a desktop environment, and a Server Edition licensed for multi-user access in a “computing cluster” environment.

Will Google’s data centers see a performance increase by year end?

[Thanks Manoj Nahar!]

[Update: Disclosure – Colin worked as a contractor for the Google Partner Solutions organization for 1 year; at the time of him writing this post he already did not work there, and we also originally disclosed this relation in Colin’s first blog post. Just figured it is worth it to repeat it in his posts. -Philipp]


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