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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Unofficial Google Depersonalizer

If you don’t want to see personalized search results in Google (and yet maintain logged-in to your Google Account), you can go to the Depersonalizer search tool. Alternatively, you can also remember to append the search result URL with “&pws=0” (no quotes) to turn off personalization, or bookmark an IP of a Google data center that you’ll access in the future. I figure that you can also delete your Google web history feature to get rid of personalization, though a Google spokesperson earlier this year, after being asked “Is there a way to turn off personalized search results if I want to remain logged in to my Google Account?”, told me: “No, you must sign out to turn off personalized search.”

[Thanks Franz!]

Google Maps Higher Resolution Update

The Google Earth blog reports that Google Maps went live with higher-resolution imagery for several locations, including cities in France, Canada, Germany and Japan (this mirrors what was available for Google Earth earlier this month).

Above image is a Google Maps snapshot from a Stuttgart, Germany house, though I surpassed the zoom level the Maps slider would allow me to see (you might be able to do this too; just click “link to this page” when you’re at the seemingly highest zoom level, and then locate the “z” parameter in the URL and increase it as far as possible).

[Via Search Engine Land.]


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