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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Google Gay Pride Gallery

Google’s “gayglers” had their own wagon on a San Francisco gay pride parade around two weeks ago, and (going by some of the Flickr photos) they were also present in New York & Madrid.

The car points to

George Takei, who played Captain Sulu from Star Trek, had his coming out a couple of years ago

Hikaru Sulu again (though despite the “live long and prosper” symbol he’s not a Vulcan)

“Celebrating Google’s new Chelsea office” (I think that’s what it says)

Parading the rainbow-colored Google logo

Google in Madrid, Spain

Photos by AntiParticle, CC-licensed; Telstar Logistics, CC-licensed; CCaviness, CC-licensed. The Madrid photo by Pablo Mancini with permission.

[Thanks Michel!]


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