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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Minesweeper the Movie

From the producers of such movie classics as Resident Evil, Tomb Raider or Tekken comes the trailer to Minesweeper, the movie... [Via Reddit.]

Also see the Minesweeper cheat to impress family & friends.

Google Maps Chessboard Bug

I’m always confused when I go to Google Maps and see these chessboard patterns, with lots of missing or slow-loading data, almost since... ever. Confused in a kind of isn’t-this-important-enough-to-get-fixed-or- am-I-the-only-one-with-this-problem way. Who else is getting this chessboard pattern a lot?

DoubleClick’s Sneaky Ad?

DoubleClick, the ad company about to merge with Google, was caught advertising on Google for the keyword of competitor AdBrite. The ad’s title was short and sweet (and misleading): “AdBrite”. I can’t reproduce this anymore, perhaps DoubleClick pulled it (or Google did, as this may be a violation of their ad guidelines)? Note this might also be a result of dynamic titles, as a commenter on Valleywag remarks, which would make it “more like a case of sloppy SEM than malicious intent.”

Google is still facing accusations, specifically those voiced by Scott Cleland at, that their DoubleClick acquisition is getting awfully close to a monopoly of this market. Google CEO Eric Schmidt a while ago said that Google and DoubleClick are each “small components of a much larger advertising market” and that each faces considerable competition.

[Image by Valleywag.]


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