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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Embed Google Maps with HTML
By Reto Meier

Google Maps took another step forward as the defacto online map today by releasing the ability to embed Google Maps into web pages as simply and easily as cutting and pasting some HTML.

Until today you needed to apply for an API key and put together a map using JavaScript to display a Google Map on your web site (or blog post). Now, clicking 'link to this page' at Google Maps gives you the HTML you need, to embed the current map as an iframe in your web page.

The embedded maps are fully interactive Google Maps, and include whatever the original Maps page displayed -- including business and address search results, driving directions, and (impressively) saved My Maps.

>> View maps examples...

Great stuff if you want to show people the place you're writing about in a blog post, or if you're organising an event and want to show people where it is. It's also a really easy way for companies with small websites to show their customers where they are. I expect we'll all be seeing a lot more maps on the web.

Edit: Google's maps were slowing down the loading of the page so I moved them to a different page.


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