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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Google Dance 2007 Gallery

Yesterday was again time for the yearly Google Dance event at the Google headquarters in Mountain View, California, with people from the Search Engine Strategies conference being invited over.
Colin Colehour took some pics for us from the scene (note some pics are cropped & brightness/ contrast-adjusted, the zoomed versions are the original).

Google Dance had a lot of different activities for their employees & conference attendees. They had a cool Karaoke setup, Pool Tables, 3 Rows of Arcade Video Games, a DJ playing music in the cafeteria, Demo areas for most of their products, Dunk tank, Wii gaming station and tons of food and beverages.

I was able to take about 35 pictures at the event. Once I registered, they had one of the Google Communication Staff escort me around the event. I was told I SHOULD NOT take any pics that might contain people’s faces. So a lot of my pics are of signs or backs of people head. My escort was really friendly, a recent grad that had only been at Google for about 3 months. I was able to take pics of all of the different areas that were setup at the Googleplex. I only stayed about an hour because I was exhausted from a long work day. The event was PACKED!!! Most of the people I saw in the first half hour were Google Employees, Contractors and Interns. The conference invitees showed up about 30 to 35 minutes into the event.

Welcome to Google Dance 2007 (also see the full map of the event). Some arrived with bikes, it seems.

Wii gaming area

Candy bar in Google colors (also see the entrees)

The Google cafeteria DJ area

Main cafeteria setup with video games

Product demos

Flamingo in the dinosaur’s mouth

Green screened karaoke

Dunk a Googler

Google has a garden next to their patio area. The garden’s sign reads “The Growing Connection - Cultivating Food, Connecting Minds, Harvesting Hope”

[This picture is by Piutus with some rights reserved.]

[This picture is also by Piutus.]

[Update: Disclosure – Colin worked as a contractor for the Google Partner Solutions organization for 1 year; at the time of him writing this post he already did not work there, and we also originally disclosed this relation in Colin’s first blog post. Just figured it is worth it to repeat it in his posts. -Philipp]


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