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Monday, September 24, 2007


When Rich Ziade came up with the idea of sketchcasting on July 23rd, some of us instantly fell in love with it. In a nutshell: sketchcasting is when you record yourself sketching something, with mouse or tablet, perhaps using voice, and perhaps to explain something, or just to create an art doodle. Until today there wasn’t a tool to do this easily, but just now has been released. This tool moves the whole thing into the browser and allows quick recording and embedding of recordings on other sites, YouTube-style. (Rich originally released his idea under a neat Creative Commons license and he was totally cool with others building on it, and even created a new introductory sketchcast for!)

Disclosure: I have no stake or share in the site, but’s Patrick Gavin – of and – paid me a consulting fee for having created the concept/ design.

Below you’ll see a sketchcast where I explain how the search engine of makes use of “googleshare.” In the second sketchcast, I’m doodling Batman from one of the covers.


[Hat tip to Haochi!]


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