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Friday, October 12, 2007

Ron Paul Most Viewed "@Google" Video

2008 Republican US Presidential candidate Ron Paul was speaking at Google 2 months ago as part of the Candidates@Google series. What’s interesting to note is that this video on YouTube received by far the most views so far – over 292,000 at the time. In comparison, the second-most viewed video of this series is with Hillary Clinton, and while it’s up for 7 months already, it received only over 47,000 views... though still a high number for these talks. (Some online sources I’ve seen say that Ron Paul has become a bit of an internet phenomenon... recently even convincing CNBC to pull a poll in which he received an unusually high amount of votes.) The second most-watched video from the @Google series overall is from author Christopher Hitchens’ visit; his video assembled over 60,000 views in the past month. Boing Boing’s Cory Doctorow is also in the top 10 ranking at place 6 for his talk.

Pay It To Me Website [nofollowed as I keep receiving unsolicited mails for] by Renaud from Belgium has a simple concept: people can post their wish products online (say, you want a particular video game, but you’re broke...) and then others can come along and grant that wish by paying for the product. Whenever that happens, a big link advertising the donator will be posted as reward. (Attention, site is using annoying Snap popups.) On a side-note, this one makes an interesting object to study in the context of the Google vs paid text links debate, because at the time none of the links to the donators are nofollowed. [Thanks Ben C.!]


Google Search Add-on Domains

Gary Price of ResourceShelf reports that Google grabbed a couple of new domains circling around the subject of “add-ons.” The domains include,,, and variants. Google already offers a special page collecting their extensions for Firefox, and extensions are part of what’s called “add-on” in Firefox, though I don’t know if there’s any relation...

[Thanks Gary!]


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