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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Public Google Job Application

27-years old Sebastian L. from Cologne, Germany, wants to work at Google, specifically in Google’s security department. Instead of writing a normal job application, he decided to register tons of Google-related URLs – like,,, and more – and posted his application on it.

In his application, available in several languages, Sebastian states that he will return the domains “free of charge” and that all he seeks is “a job at Google.” He wants to work at Google because he finds it “one of the best employers in the world” and still a place where one can introduce one’s own ideas. Sebastian even has a portion of the page dedicated to his “conditions”:

Important for me is that I every weekend somehow come to Cologne, in order to visit my daughter. Of course, there can be exceptions, but I would not be longer than a maximum of three weeks away from Cologne. Of course money also plays a certain role.I would like to perform a lot and also be paid well. However, quite clearly I am ready to put back with the money if for it the work is great fun.

Luckily for Google, Sebastian adds “I do not have more conditions.”

This isn’t the first time Sebastian used the web as a job application platform. In 2005, he made news when he tried to get a job for his girlfriend... by auctioning her off on eBay. The auction’s title (before it was pulled by eBay): “Offering very good trainee to work for 3 years, 8 hours a weekday.”

[Via GoogleWatchBlog.]

Edit: Sebastian asked me to remove his last name from the article for privacy reasons, and so I did.


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