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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Google Tests Alternative Homepage

Google China is playing around with a new homepage prototype at At this time this is an alternative, not a replacement to the existing, more minimalist, and it’s also not even linked from the Google China homepage yet... might be Google is only test-driving this for now.

What you can see on this page – check the screenshot with automated English translations added – is a lot of content; a push model vs the pull model, more suited for guiding people around (Yahoo/ portal-style) than relying on people always knowing exactly what they’re looking for. There’s tabs for music, TV stuff, games, software links and more. There are Google tools to choose from like the Google Input Method Editor (to transliterate Pinyin keyboard input into Chinese letters), or the Google toolbar. The tool links are showing an animated icon when you hover over them, similar to what happens at Google Korea. There’s the hot searches of the day, and a directory-style navigation below (the data to which we met earlier this year during the release of

[Thanks Hexieshehui!]


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