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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Google Maps-enabled Gas Pump

From a press release by Gilbarco:

Consumers can now display maps, find local listings, and even print driving directions and money-saving coupons from Gilbarco’s Encore ... dispensers with color screens and the Applause ... media system. The live internet connection means all information is in real time ...

Consumers can view maps on the pump’s screen and locate their desired destinations. They can also search Google’s local business listings by category (restaurant, hospital, gift shop, etc.) to find the nearest choices. Once a destination is selected, consumers can also print the driving directions at the pump. Easy-to-read instructions are printed on the receipt printer, making it convenient to take them with them in the car.

Also see the Google kiosk patent and Google Maps in JetBlue airlines.

[Thanks and TopDawgNate! Photo source used for image above by Google.]


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