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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Google Spreadsheet Surveys

Google Spreadsheets can now be officially kidnapped to hold survey data. Just click on the Share tab and pick the new “to fill out a form” option*. You can then define multiple choice or free-style questions, and invite people to answer these questions... or link to a public questionnaire like this one. The answers will be written into your Google Docs spreadsheet file in real-time. Google says they’ve been using the forms feature internally for signups, surveys and more. Neat!

As Google’s blog post on this explains, there’s also an iGoogle gadget keeping track of your latest forms. And as Google Spreadsheet files offer an RSS feed – at Publish -> More publishing options – it may be possible to plug the polls feature into other tools, like a blog sidebar gadget. On a side-note, the codename of this new feature is “Bluebird,” Tony Ruscoe in the comments writes.

[Thanks Jared Cherup!]

*Ouch, Google doesn’t make the radio labels clickable.


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