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Tuesday, February 19, 2008 With Banner Ads

Proponents of simple homepage design will hope this domain squatter’s choices on the Belarus domain are no peek into the Google future (considering Google is already reportedly experimenting with video ads in search results and all).
[Thanks Paul van Veenendall!]

Panorama Photos at

The 360 Cities homepage displays a Google Maps mashup from which you can launch 3D panorama photos of different locations. Instead of browsing the photographs from that homepage, you can also add the 360 Cities mapplet to Google Maps. Jeffrey Martin from Prague, Czech Republic, tells me he founded this company 8 months ago and that it’s “starting to mushroom into the world’s largest VR photography network in the world” with currently 45 cities (like Stuttgart), and 5,000 spherical panoramas.

The interface layouts of the site are a bit too inconsistent for my taste (the launch page is completely different from the city overview page which is completely different from the panorama page) but the Quicktime-run panoramas are impressive.

[Thanks Jeffrey!]

ASCII Art AdWords

Nice idea for an AdWords ad: Google-searching for brand republic, Ash Baker noticed an ASCII art ad reading “collective.” Created by digital agency, this ASCII art by isn’t too readable (maybe it was intended for a monospace font?) but the concept is original. [Thanks Ash!]

Nielsen on Top 10 App Design Mistakes

Jakob Nielsen today elaborates on the top 10 application design mistakes. He also includes a link to his article from 2001 which is still worth reading: the first rule of usability is to not listen to users.



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