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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Google Health Pilot Launches Today?
By Tony Ruscoe

Early hints surfaced almost two years ago when I found a service called M Scrapbook (presumably short for “Medical Scrapbook”) which later changed its name to “Weaver”. Since then, we’ve seen some leaked screenshots and found more login pages. But the Associated Press is now reporting that it recently learned from the Cleveland Clinic that Google Health will finally begin its pilot today.

A few thousand patients at the clinic will apparently be among the first to test the long-awaited service after volunteering to have their personal medical records transferred to Google Health’s online storage.

Martin Porcheron also points out in the Google Blogoscoped forum that now redirects to the recently discovered login page too, instead of redirecting to the Google Co-op Health topic as it had been doing previously.

Google is yet to make an official announcement.

Update: The Official Google Blog now has a post about this. [Thanks Hebbet!]

[Via TechMeme.]


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