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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Google Down for Many in Germany

Reports are trickling in that Google is down for many in Germany. Hebbet in the forum says it may be a problem with T-Com, meaning those with other providers would still be able to see it. At the moment, I can’t access Gmail, Google Reader, Google Analytics, Google News and so on.

If you’re in Germany, please comment on what you’re seeing. I contacted Google – via Hotmail, nonetheless! – and will update as more information becomes available, or as Google is back up here. One workaround I can use to access Google right now is to use BrowserPool (albeit I wouldn’t use it to log-in with my main Google account).

[Thanks Hebbet!]

Update: Google is back now here. It’s 17:32 now, and Hebbet posted about Google being down at 15:43, so that makes it a down-time of at least over 1 1/2 hours. Google Germany sent me this statement, prepared while Google was still down (translated from German): “Apparently this afternoon there were problems with accessing Google through a provider. We are currently investigating the causes and hope that users will soon be able to access Google as usual.”

According to a brief news item just posted, German Telekom stated that Google was down for them too but that they were not able to see anything wrong with their own net infrastructure. Heise says the beginning of the down-time was “around 15:00”, according to their readers ( says 16:00 o’clock, quoting a Telekom statement as well, though per Hebbet’s comment mentioned above that doesn’t seem to be quite correct). According to some comments, not just Telekom but also 1&1 users saw Google down, though one user comments that 1&1 is using the IP ranges of Telekom. [Thanks everyone!]


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