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Friday, March 7, 2008

Rumor: Google Interested In Buying Digg

Social news site Digg has been working with an investment bank to sell its site to a big company, and now TechCrunch cites an anonymous source close to the case that Google and Microsoft are among the interested parties. [See update below for more.] Mike Arrington quotes his source saying that Google “will likely bid $200-$225 million, which Digg would likely accept.”

If the rumors are true, and if Google indeed ends up acquiring Digg, it would be another odd buy... because Google would again buy users instead of technology, and would again not have managed to create something Digg-like in-house, despite having a huge user base already as well as a lot of skilled engineers.

Some of the comments made on Digg in regards to this story so far include, “DO NOT WANT!!!!!”, “NNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!”, “This could be bigg!”, and “meh, as long as they continue to work there, it’s all the same.”


Update: Digg denies the rumor of a bidding war between Google and Microsoft, or at least, says that the rumors are “completely inaccurate” and that the “drama theories” are not true. [Thanks A.!]


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