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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Google Maps Street View API

Street View data (those detailed panorama photos available for some US cities) is now also available as part of the Google Maps API*. The samples utilizing the GStreetviewPanorama object look interesting; for instance, you can embed an animated street view rotation in your blog, or (as the screenshot to the right shows) offer driving directions accompanied by panorama views.

[Via Bret Taylor -> Google Maps API blog.]

*Traces of this appeared earlier this month but now it’s official.

Update: In related news, Google added several new cities, as well as a national park, to the Street View feature. (The new locations are Albuquerque, Anchorage, Austin, Cleveland, Fairbanks, Little Rock, Madison, Nashville, Rockford, Richmond, Spokane, St. Petersburg, Tampa and Yosemite National Park.) Furthermore, Google notes they’ve expanded Street View coverage in six of the existing cities of the service, including – according to the Google Earth Blog – in the San Francisco Bay Area, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.
[Thanks Frank Taylor, Haochi and Callum!]


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