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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Google Apps Hacks Is Out

A couple of days ago I received the first couple of copies of Google Apps Hacks* from O’Reilly and today, the book is fully live on Amazon, too! It’s very exciting for me, as this book project was spanning around a year, with about half of that in preparation, and the other half in writing of the book (in Google Docs).

Google Apps Hacks features tips and tricks evolving around not search but the “Google office” consisting of such programs as Gmail, Google documents, spreadsheets, presentations, Google Maps, SketchUp, Picasa, Blogger, Google Calendar, iGoogle, and many more. There are different difficulty levels, ranging from quick tips easily applied, over to spreadsheet formulas or stylesheet hacking or downloading special plug-ins or creating gadgets or maps, towards programming tips. O’Reilly on their site offers a table of contents, a sample chapter and more – and they’re also giving away the book as a prize to one of you.

So, I really hope many of you will be able to put the tips to good use and find the book helpful, and am curious about feedback.

*During early writing the book was called Google Office Hacks.

[Thanks to everyone who helped in writing the book (mentioned in more detail in the beginning of the book), and a special hat tip to my editor Brian Jepson, as well as those who provided tips for the book through pointers or through having great blogs about Google, like Ionut Alex. Chitu’s!]


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