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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Google Street View Car Pulled Over by Police

The Telegraph writes:

One of the cars that are currently filming every road in Britain stopped by police – for driving in a bus lane.

The distinctive vehicle – complete with roof-mounted camera pole and Google logo on the door – was stopped in the centre of Bradford at 12.40pm yesterday.

Eyewitnesses described how the Google car was followed through the city centre by a panda car with sirens blazing.

If there’s ever going to be a movie made about Google, please, put in something from that last paragraph.

In other news, the British Information Commissioner’s Office just gave Google’s Street View filming the thumbs up, Guardian reports. This organization, called a privacy watchdog by the Guardian, stated they are “satisfied that Google is putting in place adequate safeguards to avoid any risk to the privacy or safety of individuals, including the blurring of vehicle registration marks and the faces of anyone included in Street View images”.

[Thanks Manoj Nahar and Dave Shaw!]


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