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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Google Russia Classifieds Search

Google released a classified ads search site for Russia a while ago. Ionut in the forum points to an auto-translated Google blog post from August:

We launched a new beta product – search ads. Users of the service can search for private ads, collected from the top sites Runet. Google search ads ... finds anything – from budgerigar [?] to factories, from tractors to refrigerators, from programmers to tutors – all this with a simple and user-friendly interface. To date, it does not include ads on cars and real estate. We have half a million ads, and their number will increase as you add new sites to our index.

If you speak Russian and can help shed more light on this, please post a comment. Yakov of competing search engine Quintura, who covered this last month, tells me “G is yet to establish itself as a brand in Russia before common web users will use its either classifieds search or any other ’vertical’ search from G”.

[Thanks Yakov and Ionut!]


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