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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

YouTube Videos Andy Baio Linked To

Andy Baio’s mostly daily link blog contains a wealth of highly interesting links. Here are the YouTube videos he pointed to during the past years, with his link text (note some of the videos are removed at YouTube by now):

“Pork and Beans” acoustic with Tay Zonday  |  12 Angry Men  |  12:01 PM, time-travel short film from 1990  |  1977 video explains how the computer graphics in Star Wars were created  |  8080 terminals playing Portal’s “Still Alive”  |  A Car’s Life, interactive game built on YouTube annotations  |  Adrian Holovaty duets with himself on gypsy-jazz Super Mario Bros. 2 theme  |  Adventure Time  |  Alanis Morissette covers “My Humps”  |  An animated meditation on Procrastination  |  Approval Ratings: The Public vs. McCain  |  BBC report on the OiNK raid  |  Barack Roll  |  Battle at Kruger  |  Bee Gees  |  Ben Folds covers “Such Great Heights”  |  Bike Thief  |  Bjork Street Fighter  |  Bjork’s “Bachelorette”  |  Blondie  |  Brady Bunch style  |  BumpTop 3D desktop prototype  |  Bush covers REM’s “The End of the World As We Know It”  |  Cactus. Cactus cactus.  |  Canon Rock  |  Charlie Brown Christmas performed by the cast of Scrubs  |  Charlie Rose interviews Charlie Rose on technology  |  Clell Tickle, Indie Marketing Guru  |  Clinton on sax  |  Colin’s Bear Animation  |  College Saga  |  Composing a Fugue  |  Content-Aware Image Resizing  |  Crank Dat Soulja Boy, MIT-Style  |  Daft Punk’s “Something About Us” on Nintendo DS, vocoder, and theremin  |  Dan Hanna’s Daily Photo Aging Project  |  David Bowie on Extras  |  David Letterman on John McCain’s cancelled appearance tonight  |  David Lynch responds  |  David Sedaris on the Stadium Pal  |  Devo live on “Fridays”  |  Disney’s Tower of Terror modeled in Half-Life 2  |  Doom Rickroller  |  Dragon’s Lair walkthrough using YouTube annotations  |  Eels’ 1-second ad for Super Bowl that didn’t air  |  Eric Clapton shreds  |  Ernie and Bert go BRUTAL  |  Excuse Me, Princess  |  Extra TV profile of The Spot from 1995  |  Extreme Toothbrushing  |  Fat Princess  |  Flashmob recreates banned Xbox 360 commercial  |  Food Network running subliminal McDonald’s ads  |  Frank Lloyd Wright’s Kaufmann House modeled in Half-Life 2  |  Francois Macre’s Thriller, an a cappella rendition in 64 parts  |  Full drum kit as Rock Band controller for Otronicon 2008  |  G-Man sighting  |  GOOD Magazine on “vampire energy,” power consumed in standby mode  |  Gabe & Max’s Internet Thing  |  Gay bashing in Halo 3  |  Gnarls Barkley on Conan O’Brien  |  Google interviews the creators of WarGames  |  Grand Theft Mario  |  Grickle’s Closet  |  Guitar Hero hacker plays Smells Like Teen Spirit without game console  |  Harry Nilsson on the Poet’s Corner with Tommy Smothers  |  Heart made of gears  |  Hello Windows Hello World, Japanese fan song made from Windows system sounds  |  Here Come the Emos  |  House of Dominoes  |  How Hillary Can Still Win  |  Human Giant, Paul’s Time Machine  |  I Am Legend  |  I Guess You’ll Do  |  I Met the Walrus, Oscar-nominated animated short  |  IM IN UR MANGER KILLING UR SAVIOR  |  Ill Doctrine’s “A Poem for the Youth Voter”  |  Indian Thriller  |  Insane News Man  |  Internal Apple video from 1987 predicts the year 1997, with tongue in cheek  |  Internet Love Song  |  JOSHUA  |  Jagged Peak Adventure  |  Jammin’ the Blues, 1944  |  Jeremy Boyle’s self-playing pneumatic band  |  Jim Le Fevre’s zoetrope built from a Technics turntable  |  Joel Veitch vs. Coca-Cola Argentina  |  Jonathan Coulton performs “First of May”  |  Jonathan Coulton performs “Portal” live  |  Judge Jenny  |  KABC  |  KITT vs KARR Showdown  |  KNBC News  |  Katamari-inspired insurance commercial  |  Knight Rider turbo boost  |  L.A. City Hall  |  La Peque Hillary Clinton  |  Last Lecture  |  Lazy Sunday, the Chronicles of Narnia Rap  |  Leaked pilot of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip  |  Let’s Paint, Exercise and Blend Drinks!  |  Line Rider Urban Run  |  Little Big Computer, a virtual electronic 8-bit calculator built in Little Big Planet  |  Little Boots’ Tenori-On cover of Hot Chip’s “Ready for the Floor”  |  Little Hands, documentary short vocalizes the daily conversation of deaf children  |  Live Action Hamster Video Game  |  Lost Experience reality game character confronts Lost cast at Comic-Con  |  MC Lars, “Download This Song”  |  Macbook Air’s thin obsession  |  Man on the street interviews in Beijing about the U.S. elections  |  Mario in Vice City  |  McDonald’s Line Rider commercial  |  Mechanical 5-bit Calculator  |  Mega Man 9 stop-motion with paper  |  Michael Wesch’s Anthropological Introduction to YouTube  |  Mick Bianchi’s Youtubers  |  Mike Gravel’s cover of Helter Skelter  |  Mike Patton mentioned on All My Children  |  Minnesota State Fair on a Stick  |  Montage of girls giving the “Myspace salute” to verify their identity  |  Moonwalk  |  Mr. Blue Sky  |  Mr. Rogers addresses the U.S. Senate in 1969  |  Mr. T on Hitachi storage virtualization  |  Mr. Yuk poison control commercial from 1971  |  Music Animation Machine plays Gradius, Dr. Mario, Donkey Kong, and more  |  Music for One Apartment and Six Drummers  |  NES  |  New Barenaked Ladies video stars YouTube celebs  |  Nigerian authorities bust 419 scammers  |  Nike McFly commercial  |  Ninja Cat  |  Nintendo Sixty-FOUR!  |  Nixon on piano  |  O’Reilly Factor on Myspace  |  Oblivion dominoes  |  Oprah grills Tom Cruise  |  Out of Context  |  Panic Park  |  Patrick Stewart  |  Perfect game of Peggle, 18 million points  |  Photorealistic 3D buildings in the new Google Earth  |  PocketGuitar, virtual guitar for the iPhone  |  Portal  |  Pre-Taped Call-In Show  |  R. Lee Ermey on VB.NET  |  Randy Newman’s performance at the Apple keynote  |  Ratatoing  |  Real-Life Leeroy Jenkins  |  Rhythm Heaven  |  Robot Chicken on Calvin & Hobbes  |  Robot reassembles itself after being broken apart  |  Rock Band hates me  |  Rock Band  |  SIGGRAPH demo  |  SNL joke  |  SNL skit on Myspace pedophiles  |  Sarah Palin plays the flute in Miss Alaska pageant  |  Sarah Palin’s evening gown entry to the 1984 Miss Alaska pageant  |  Saved by Patrick Stewart at Yahoo’s Open Hack Day  |  Scrambled Hacks  |  Sin City Breakfast Tacos  |  Six Apart’s Holiday Video  |  Smackbook Pro  |  Solla Solla Enna Perumai  |  Sonic the Hedgehog soundtrack on piano  |  Soulja Boy on getting his Myspace account hacked by 4chan  |  Soulja Boy reviews Braid  |  Space Oddity  |  Spanish adventure game  |  Stairway To Heaven Sung Backwards, The Forwards Version  |  Steely Dan on the making of “Peg”  |  Sunday Bloody Sunday  |  SweetAfton23’s MyHope  |  System 6 running on the Nintendo DS  |  TDD Rickroll  |  Take on Me: The Literal Version  |  Tay Zonday promotes Dr. Pepper with “Cherry Chocolate Rain”  |  The Aimee Mann Christmas Trilogy  |  The Big Lebowski - F_cking Short Version  |  The Flintstones  |  The Last Days of Dr. Wily  |  The Last Duet on Earth  |  The Little Cars  |  The Machine Is Us/ing Us  |  The Most Hated Family in America  |  The Simpsons map for Quake III Arena  |  The VP Debate on Auto-Tune  |  Titanic Two  |  Trailer for The Rock-afire Explosion  |  Tube Adventures, Spanish interactive adventure game on YouTube  |  Tyra Banks show dedicated to Myspace  |  UFO “documentary”  |  Uwe Boll’s Pac-Man, the Movie  |  Video of the bootleg Super Mario World on the NES  |  Videogame Theater, Pac-Man as an alcoholic has-been  |  Wassup 2008  |  Weird Al interviews Eminem  |  Weird Al’s “White and Nerdy”  |  West Virginia vote flipping caught on tape  |  What if Microsoft designed the iPod?  |  Where to Attack Next  |  You Can Vote However You Like  |  YouTube founders on Charlie Rose  |  YouTube founders on the Google buyout  |  YouTube video [bird vs reporter]  |  YouTube videos [Guitar Hero 2]  |  Young FrankenSteve  |  Youtube Mirror  |  Zidane headbutt  |  Zinc Oxide and You  |  ads  |  behind the scenes  |  charming cover  |  content-aware seam carving demo  |  cooking ramen  |  create LED displays in public  |  crushed  |  demo video  |  do something  |  drum solo  |  duet with Tay Zonday  |  endgame  |  first video  |  followup  |  footage  |  for old time’s sake  |  get started  |  helicopter escape  |  iPhone stopwatch hits 1,000 hours  |  impressive run  |  installation process  |  |  karaoke that goes to 11  |  mass displays  |  mirrored on YouTube  |  negative  |  observer video  |  original video  |  original  |  painted elephant  |  rampant homophobia  |  reversed video  |  set of Big Brother  |  since college  |  spreads like a virus  |  surprisingly playable  |  the demo  |  the movements  |  the original audition  |  this episode  |  this video  |  three times  |  three years  |  uke cover  |  watch this first  |  xkcd’s Randall Munroe speaks at Google


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