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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Google Reportedly Relied on Akamai For YouTube Live Event

Mogulus reports that YouTube had roughly 700,000 concurrent viewers during yesterday’s first YouTube live stream event, which featured people like Will.I.Am and Katy Perry (the San Francisco-based event featured music performances, comedy, and memes and popular people of YouTube). These stats aren’t precise, but based on public Akamai before/ after numbers during the time. Mogulus also reports that Google partnered with content delivery network Akamai to support all the users. (Note Mogulus is a competitor in the space of content delivery/ streaming help.)

Michael Arrington at TechCrunch writes, “Despite the fact that Google has it’s own quite impressive CDN [content delivery network], streaming live video (as opposed to progressive downloads, which YouTube has historically relied on) is hard stuff. And expensive – you have to license Adobe’s Flash Media Server, or a competitor like Wowza, and pay at least a couple of cents per gigabyte transferred on top of normal costs.”

[Thanks and James Xuan!]


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