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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Google Expands Parked Domain Ads Program

Google has a program that helps finance people who park domains; called Google AdSense for Domains, it’s a service sometimes connected to the more spammy and useless neighborhoods of the web. “AdSense for domains is scalable and easily implemented so that your network of sites can start earning revenue quickly and easily,” Google’s old page on this explained, continuing to say that “Powering millions of domain names” this “is the industry‚Äôs premier parked page service. Google is seeking new partnerships with large domain portfolios owners.” Now, Google announced they’re expanding this AdSense option for all publishers in the US (and possibly other countries in the future).

James Xuan’s comment in the forum: “Profit, Profit, Profit”.

[Thanks Moustafa ZA and Hebbet! Image is a screenshot from Google’s old AdSense for domains page, which I’ve backed up here.]


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