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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Google Tasks, a Standalone App

Google Tasks is a standalone application by Google that is similar to the Gmail tasks widget. However, I’m not sure it’s ever intended to be officially released; right now, when you open the app’s FAQ, you’ll see the note:

CONFIDENTIAL: This document is confidential. It contains sensitive information and is protected by the terms of your Trusted Tester NDA.

Trusted Tester’s check Google’s products before they officially appear, but Google Tasks is public when I try and I’m not a Trusted Tester. As it is, be aware that if it’s not official yet, it may disappear and so may certain data you enter into it.

Tips pop up and can be browsed through in Google Tasks

What does Google Tasks do? According to the FAQ, which was “Last updated: May 13, 2008” and predates the Gmail widget, Tasks “is a brand new Google product designed to help you keep track of the things you need to do.” Similar to the widget, which you can opt-in in Gmail by choosing Settings -> Labs -> Tasks, you can add new todo list items like “buy oranges” or “repair computer”, or anything else you want. Tasks can be nested. Once a task is done, you can add a check mark and it will appear with a strike-through. You can also delete a task by repeatedly hitting the back button (not the most optimal interface design if no other ways are offered, as that functionality can be easy to miss). A deadline for a task can be picked via a calendar widget.


Note in this standalone app, multiple lists can be added and then managed via a select box at the top. The default list is the only one that can’t be deleted, and it will also be the single one shared in your Gmail account or the iGoogle gadget. As far as I can tell, multiple lists are only available in the standalone app [edit: Quentin and Tony correct this in the comments, pointing out ways to achieve this in the Gmail and iGoogle gadgets]. Some more details from Google’s FAQ:

Q: How many lists should I have?
A: You can create as many lists as you need to organize your information. (Of course, if you create too many, you may need another just to keep track of them.)

Q: Will Tasks perform the actions on my lists?
A: Unfortunately, no. Tasks will help track things that you need to do, but can’t accomplish corporeal tasks on its own. Yet.

Update: Google Tasks has been removed now. [Thanks Hebbet and Jérôme!]


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