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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Google Web Elements and More Announced at Google I/O
By Brian Ussery & Philipp Lenssen

Google at today’s I/O developer conference announced Google Web Elements. Web Elements lets you simply paste a URL from a public Google spreadsheet, calendar, presentations and more, and then offers you some gadget code to paste into your site. Also, you can add modules like custom search, maps, or custom Google News. Mostly, the stuff behind these Web Elements was already available through Google’s apps. (For instance, in a Google Spreadsheets you can pick Share -> Publish as a web page -> HTML to embed in a page.)

Also at the Google I/O event, Google says that Java for the App Engine is now rolled out for everyone (it was announced as “early look” already last month). It’s the second supported language for Google’s framework (after Python).

If you’re curious about the I/O event, Brian Ussery is there and sends us some pictures. Brian tells us, “This year’s conference focuses on web standardization via HTML 5”. For more on that, see Google’s “Choose Your Own HTML5 Adventure” page.

Google IO 2009 areas of focus

Breakfast at the event

An interactive map of Google I/O

Google CEO Eric Schmidt

The “holodeck

“Canvas is Intrinsic to the Web”

Brian continues, “In addition to the demonstrations, Google announced that each of more than 4,000 conference attendees will receive a free Google phone.”

[Thanks Brian for the photos and report, thanks Tony & Jérôme! This post may be updated as new information comes in. Tags: io2009]


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