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Friday, June 12, 2009

Google’s Cloud Contest... With an Odd Twist

Google has a US contest going on in partnership with airline Virgin America that’s aimed to promote “the cloud” (that is, moving your stuff online and then working on it using web apps). Ironically, by the way the prize is set up, it almost promotes the risks of that cloud. Here’s what happens when you win: Along with a notebook and some other stuff, you get 1 Terabyte of data! Whoopee? Not quite – after 1 year, you have to give the prize back (i.e. the 1 TB offer ceases), and if you want to keep the extra storage, you’ll need to pay for it. As Drtimofey in the forum suggests... you may end up spending 6 months to upload your data, and the other 6 months downloading it just to keep it.

In the cloud, things aren’t fully yours... not even contest prizes?

[Thanks Mrrix32, Drtimofey and Jason!]


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