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Monday, July 13, 2009

Microsoft Announcing Web-Based Office

A web-based Word

As rumored before, details are now surfacing that Microsoft is planning to release a suite of web based office tools for MS Office 2010 (the thing they probably should have done with “Windows Live” some years ago). For instance, the accompanying Word for the browser will, according to Techcrunch, “retain the same look and feel as in the desktop. The browser version still has the ’ribbon user interface,’ where you can change fonts, size, formatting, styles etc.”.

Other programs for which web versions will be rolled out are PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote, as Techcrunch – which shows off a couple of screenshot – says. While having less features than their desktop counterparts, these web apps are going to be free.

So, as Google announced they’ll be competing in the OS market with Chrome (where currently MS is dominating), Microsoft is beginning to become better competition in the web apps market (where Google Apps is trying to get a hold). To be continued.

[Via Techmeme. Image by Techcrunch.]


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