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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Android Developers Lose Money Because Apps Can’t Be Bought In Most Countries, Pingdom Says

Pingdom writes:

Google is talking about fighting piracy, but perhaps the first thing they should focus on is actually making it possible for users to buy apps. All users. Sounds rather logical, doesn’t it? So what are we talking about? The problem lies with Android Market.

You can only pay for apps in 13 out of the 46 or so countries where Android phones are available. For those of you who like stats, 13 in 46 works out to less than 30%. Contrast this with Apple’s App Store, which supports paid apps in 90 countries. This is a huge advantage iPhone developers currently have over Android developers.

Then again, from what I’ve heard in various iPhone-related discussions, selling your app in Apple’s store is also far, far from easy...

[Via Reddit.]


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