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Monday, August 15, 2011

Color Sound Machine (and what else I’ve been doing lately)

For those of you who've been wondering whether I had turned to stone, fallen into a bottomless pit, or been climbing the Himalaya... no, none of that is true, even though you probably did notice I'm not actively blogging about Google here anymore*! Just now, a new iPad app I've been working on called Color Sound Machine went live, and this – and all the other apps and games at Versus Pad** – are actually what I am doing while not blogoscoping.

*I've drafted unpublished posts explaining much more about past, present and future of Blogoscoped, and the history of Google news reporting, but ... oh, for now let's just say I've blogged with all of you almost daily for 7 years and loved every bit of it, and hope we continue our conversation in real life and the many digital places we're at!

**Currenly iOS, but Android versions are possible too... the middleware I'm using supports it.


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