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Miel [PersonRank 4]

Wednesday, October 26, 2005
15 years ago

I'm still waiting to see it 'live' too. I have no authorization to watch the page. And that kind of sucks.

Ilya Baklanov [PersonRank 2]

15 years ago #

I'm wondering, how long will it take to get your item published (screenshots tell that everything will be pre-moderated)? Is GBase gets popular then there will be thousandsof people adding their items and lots of eshops (probably) adding their products in bulk.

How many people will Google need to process all that data so that publishing of your item doesn't take days or months?

Philipp Lenssen [PersonRank 10]

15 years ago #

I'm sure they've faced similar issues which Froogle, which also allowed people to upload their stuff using bulk files. Of course, with Froogle only specific webmasters were enabled to use the service. If Gbase is free for all (well, attached to a Google Account), it might need to scale upwards much quicker.

Philipp Lenssen [PersonRank 10]

15 years ago #

(I added two more screens to the list...)

Sarah [PersonRank 0]

15 years ago #

Linking to you! Great those screenshots! (

GoogleGuy [PersonRank 1]

15 years ago # ...

Michael Bell [PersonRank 0]

15 years ago #

I wonder if Google Base is going to allow people to buy and sell content using the Google micro payment application?

jilm [PersonRank 10]

15 years ago #

I think, that this is much more. It´s more a competitor for services such as flickr etc. You can store any type of documents, anything, without limits. If it´s true, this is the hottest new Google service since Gmail.

Ilya Baklanov [PersonRank 2]

15 years ago #

I agree with you, but there is a really big limitation – 31 days. If there won't be some kinf of a way to make your item "live" longer, then maintaining lots of items will be really hard – every month you'l have to post htem again and, btw, links to your items would change!

Tim W [PersonRank 0]

15 years ago #

I wonder how to make this screens, which are higher than a screen... anyone wanna tell me? Caleb? You did them, didn't you? I would really appreciate some hints. TIA, Tim

Andreas [PersonRank 0]

15 years ago #

Ilya: I understood that your items would just go inactive and you could easily reactivate them without changing links or re-posting any data. And who knows, maybe the limit of 31 days isn't set in stone either and the Googlers will one day make up their mind that such a limit isn't really necessary.

Perry [PersonRank 0]

15 years ago #

So, there won't be any way to make my uploaded data private? This would not be cool.

Hanan Cohen [PersonRank 7]

15 years ago #

I don'd believe that until now, no one has managed to come up with this stupid historic quote.

Google: "All your base are belong to us"

smackfu [PersonRank 1]

15 years ago #

It reminds me of Backpack

Rodney Kuhn [PersonRank 0]

15 years ago #

Google vs. The World!

Google's strategy with Google Base is likely to set up a fighting match with most commercial websites and could undermine Google's brand and future business model.

Once the darling of the Internet, Google seems to have become greedy and will likely destabilized the industry and its stronghold.

So much for the Epic company.

Paul [PersonRank 0]

15 years ago #

Google is treading a very thin line here. Since going public, they want a stake in everything. But beware Google, as once you compete against so many people who have supported you over the years, your business will suffer irreversably. Look at EBay shares today, and what their shareholders are feeling. Look at the small businessman who needs his internet business. Look at the millions who will not support you any longer. Companies come and they go, but it would be a shame to run such a high risk strategy, to the possible depriment of your shareholders, employees, and loyal customers.

Basil [PersonRank 0]

15 years ago #

Ok, is up for me now, but I can't sign in with my Google/Gmail account.

Philipp Lenssen [PersonRank 10]

15 years ago #

Basil, try logging into Gmail first. That worked for me, but only exactly *once*.

Tony Ruscoe [PersonRank 10]

15 years ago #

I was already logged in and could play about with the UI but couldn't publish any items and the "Sign in" link was still in the top right corner.

After trying to login, I couldn't get back to the UI again – it just kept presenting me with the "Welcome" screen and login box.

BTW, if you've seen my comment in the "Google Base Was Sort of Live" forum thread, you'll see that "Google Base" now appears in the Google Accounts menu: ...

in the know [PersonRank 0]

15 years ago #

It has nothing to do with eBay. It's a way for you to create your own database. And share it. And you don't even have to be a programmer to do it.

kia kanpa [PersonRank 0]

15 years ago #

I hope you can use google's adsense when you upload your content, why would i upload my content to googles pages and make no revenue when i could upload to my own site and get a few ad clicks?

Why then would anyone choose google to upload there content?

cjl [PersonRank 0]

15 years ago #

Google looks like it wants to help you store and sort all that information in YOUR HEAD. Doesn't matter what it is. Google as your personal web resource. Might be a recipe. Or a classified listing. Doesn't matter where they store it, since 6 out of 10 searches start on Google, so chances are you'll find it.

They are clearly reverse engineering a 'portal' way bigger and better – and more distributed – than any other portal we've ever seen. is but a doorway. It is fine reverse-engineering.

This is what it means by 'storing the world's information'. The way they are doing this is genius.

aha [PersonRank 0]

15 years ago #

Google as your personal web resource. Might be a recipe. Or a classified listing. Doesn’t matter where they store it, since 6 out of 10 searches start on Google, so chances are you’ll find it.

That's why it's such a treat to eBay etc. What's to prevent online sellers to upload all their merchandise to GBase... for FREE?

eBay is gonna croak!

Peter [PersonRank 0]

15 years ago #

Lets face it. Google Base is a little bit of a mystery. Why would a company that derives revenue from its advertisers piss them off by taking their source of revenue away from them and making listings free.

Companies like eBay pay millions to Google for click ads and words. What are they doing? They are just creating enemies and new competitors.


Will Google Base just be another failed Froogle?

Caleb E [PersonRank 10]

15 years ago #

Since when has froogle failed? i use froogle a lot. I honestly dont think this is aimed at eBay. I mean look at it; no sales, no bidding of any sort. This is about as close to ebay as the newspaper classifieds are. Nowhere near the idea at all.

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