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Teragoogle?  (View post)

Ilya Baklanov [PersonRank 2]

Wednesday, March 8, 2006
18 years ago

Maybe they mean Earth Google (Terra in Latin means Earth)?

I've seen in a Time magazine a picture of a whiteboard in Googleplex where they drew Earth and Moon and sketched a number of projects they may work on in future (like a giant mirror that will create day instead of night onthe other side of Earth).

chl [PersonRank 0]

18 years ago #

maybe it's just a 64bit version of google's software. it's been quite obvious they had some, er, issues when they hit 32bit limits.

Mr kawazakii [PersonRank 0]

18 years ago #

whats up with that

Andrew Hitchcock [PersonRank 10]

18 years ago #

chl, someone (Matt Cutts?) said that that rumor had no basis in fact.

Roger Browne [PersonRank 10]

18 years ago #

I don't think there's anything deep going on here. Any search engine business would naturally strive to index all pages all the time.

With 64-bit indexes and Google SiteMaps the only thing stopping total indexing will be legal impediments.

Jeff [PersonRank 0]

18 years ago #


Why not NanoGoogle?

John Sturgeon [PersonRank 1]

18 years ago #

I think it's the project name for GDrive... because if they want to pull it off, everybody would get a TerraByte... ;)

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