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Wednesday, March 8, 2006

AdSense Alternatives

Not making enough money on AdSense, or annoyed by the kind of ads they deliver? Maybe one of these competitors offers something better. [Via InsideGoogle.]

The Search Audio Version

The Search is available as an audio book... and John Battelle himself is reading it.


What’s Teragoogle? In short, we don’t know, but this sentence was accidentally published in comments to a slide on Analyst Day:

“All webpages included in the Google index and searched all the time” – Teragoogle makes this possible

[Via SEW.]

Google Lego

A Google team set out to build a Google logo in Lego bricks. I don’t think they were the first to do this.

Google News Israel?

Where’s Google News Israel? At I only get the US news page at this time, even though the official Google Blog reports something else.

Google Book Search With New "Find it in Library"

The official Google Blog says there are new “Find it in library” links on some books at the Google Book Search.

Google Agrees to $90 Million Settlement

Search Engine Watch reports that Google has agreed to a $90 million settlement fund in the class action lawsuit by Lane’s Gifts & Collectibles over click fraud.

Singing the News

The Aural Times sings the news. [Via Waxy, who also recently pointed to a great real-life remake of the Simpsons intro.]

E-Friend Chats With You

The e-friend is kind of slow to react (he’s stoned, the site says), but talks about any topic you like. I’ve talked to him about Google and it turns out he thinks that Google’s blog search is like an analog mixer.

Also see Egobot, which talks to you using Google & the web.

Gmail Account Deleted

A Gmail horror story: imagine your complete Gmail account is getting deleted, and you lose all your mails. That’s just what happened to Bob.

Update: A source I’ll keep anonymous here told me Bob’s report sounds very suspicious and may not be true. If I have further information that helps to verify or falsify this, I’ll post an update.

Update 2: I could now validate Bob’s report – it’s not suspicious at all from the info we have.

Google Calendar Screenshots

Michael Arrington shows off leaked screenshots from Google’s upcoming calendar application, codenamed CL2. [Thanks Orli Yakuel, Manoj Nahar and Paulo Pinheiro.]

Update: And here’s how the screenshots were leaked – from a Yahoo employee who had a Google Tester account, apparently!

Gmail Doesn’t Scale, Marissa Says

Funny. Google’s Marissa Mayer on CNN Money says, “I use Gmail for my personal e-mail – 15 to 20 e-mails a day – but on my work e-mail I get as many as 700 to 800 a day, so I need something really fast. I use an e-mail application called Pine.” [Thanks Brinke Guthrie.]

BlogExplosion For Sale

Blog service BlogExplosion is being sold. It’s a really nice website with a simple idea (and dozens of features based around that idea): for every 2 blogs you visit, your own blog is shown off 1 time to someone else... and if you want to, you can buy yourself out of having to visit other blogs.

IPod Video Search

If you’re looking for iPod videos to download, Search For iPod is worth a look. [Thanks ResourceShelf.]

Guy Asks Companies to Send Stuff

Tom Locke did an experiment asking 100 different companies to send him free stuff. Each of his snail mails was customized to the company and their products, and the responses range from none at all, rejections, return to senders, to companies sending cosmetic items or tea. [Thanks Pd.]

Also see GoodiesBlog and the Grand Support Email Speed Contest.

Accelerating by Predicting User Actions, a Google Patent?

This patent for “Accelerating user interfaces by predicting user actions,” while not filed by Google itself, lists a number of people who work at Google as inventors, Gary Price says. The abstract:

“A client assistant, sometimes called a browser helper, runs on a client computer. The client assistant monitors a user’s browsing activities and infers one or more next documents that are most likely to be requested by the user. The client assistant attempts to locate a fresh copy of the inferred next document within a client cache. If a fresh copy of the inferred document is not found in the client cache, the client assistant submits a document download request to a document server.”

Google Searchlet for Office

Ron de Bruin’s Google Search Add-in for Excel, Word and PowerPoint (currently at version 6) puts a search tool under the help menu in the menu bar and allows you to search the document, or newsgroup postings within a specific date range. [Thanks Pd.]


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