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Sam Davyson [PersonRank 10]

Tuesday, September 12, 2006
17 years ago6,578 views

This is a neat solution. I imagine however that most of the time people want to add the feed to the same place. So this feedbutton service could make accounts and you pick which one you want to use as your "default feed reader" and then when ever you get to one of those buttons (you never logout) you just single click to subscribe on that service.

Sounds a bit fiddly.

That is why this functionality is built into Firefox 2.0.

Ryan [PersonRank 0]

17 years ago #

Hey guys... Philips's blog adds those little black lines in there from some pre-existing CSS style.

Also, on the site there's a "long" form that will fit on the sidebars of most forms... and there's an in the middle size coming soon.

I'm also working on a static page you can link people to for sites like myspace that don't allow javascript, and I may also include an override for using your own button there instead.

In the near future it will let you login to see basic stats like how many people added your feed from each type of reader.

If anybody has any suggestions, or feedback on the ones I've already mentioned please let me know.. I'd love to hear them.


Philipp Lenssen [PersonRank 10]

17 years ago #

> Philips's blog adds those little black lines in there
> from some pre-existing CSS style.

Can you override them with inline CSS or the!important keyword?

Ionut Alex. Chitu [PersonRank 10]

17 years ago #

Feedburner already does that and more.

Ryan [PersonRank 0]

17 years ago #

> Can you override them with inline CSS or the!important keyword?

yeah that's something I"m looking into.. right now there's no .css file for it.. just some spans with the sylized parts hard coded in a style=

as I move foward, I'll probably make it a little better.

I know there's other solutions.. but a lot of bloggers still put all these icons on their page. The main feature is that this automatically organizes it for you, and automatically adds new ones. I got about 5 or 6 more to add.. it may be a while before I remove this "beta" tag :)

Jake's View [PersonRank 10]

17 years ago #

It's a little too cluttered...

Rosano Coutinho [PersonRank 0]

17 years ago #

It's nothing special. has many more feed readers for the odd person that may need them and it doesn't have that awful looking JS rollover.

Haochi [PersonRank 10]

17 years ago #

[put at-character here]Rosano
Yeah, the rollover sucks, it should be clickable instead.

Lee Odden [PersonRank 1]

17 years ago #

We launched a tool like this a few weeks ago:

Kevin Fox [PersonRank 4]

17 years ago #

Why does the '[+] Google' button look so bad?

The real 'Add to Google' button looks much better. In fact, the button chrome looks exactly like the FeedButton chrome! Check it out:

Why would he copy Google's button for his design, then replace Google's button with a crappy looking button?

Ryan [PersonRank 0]

17 years ago #

The actual google button was wider than most other buttons... and It looked crappy when I re-scaled it, so I made a new one.

I didn't make the feedbutton, I orginally had a different one.. somebody then made that for me and I used it.

pokemo [PersonRank 10]

17 years ago #

Like the idea...:)

Ryan [PersonRank 0]

17 years ago #

Hey Guys, Thanks for the feedback. I took some of it and ran.

I added a long form to fit in wordpress style sites.. it looks a little cleaner. You can now preview this and choose your button type.

I added support for color changing.

I cleaned up some CSS so it looks good on phillipp's blog.

I added a few more feed readers.

I added a manual feed adder that you can link to.. for those of you that like the anyfeed style site... although the point of my site was to get away from this (not be a middle man at all.)

The manual adder also includes a preview function so you can see what a feed looks like.

There's a "most popular" page that shows the most popular feeds, and the most popular feed readers.

Thanks again for the suggestions, if there's any more please let me know.

Elias Kai [PersonRank 10]

17 years ago #

Thanks I used it in my blog , works fine but is it search engine friendly!!

Ryan [PersonRank 0]

17 years ago #

Elias, what you mean by search engine friendly?

Technically... yes it is, search engines will only see regular text links with nothing in them but an image. I didn't even place keyword rich links to my site... as that would be unfair.

Gerenally though, I'm under the impression that all links in the actuall button aren't to pages that you'd want to show up in search engine results anyway..

But if I had to guess.. it will probably boost the pagerank of your feed URL very slightly

Ken Kuhl [PersonRank 7]

17 years ago #

> Feedburner already does that and more.

sure, except that you have to completely turn over management of your feed to them.

Ryan [PersonRank 0]

17 years ago #

Exactly Ken... that's what I was trying for for this...

the user never sees a page on my server, never sees one of my ads, nothing.

everything is controlled by the blog owner.

The popular feature is kinda cool... Phillipp is hodling #2 under my blog but it's got an advantage.. it's in the demo.. (maybe i'll make the demo one rotate through the most popular 5 blogs)

Any other ideas for improvements? I was hoping to use this blog as a test run / beta before I started advertising it elsewhere.

I'm playing around with the following:

Stats for each feed.
A list of feeds using it.
Better CSS stuff.
More options for the button... including a simple select box or add your own button URL.
a "people who added this feed also added these..." amazon style thing.

let me know if any of those interest anybody.


stefan2904 [PersonRank 10]

17 years ago #

very nice. jea. a new javascript.... :ugly:

Jeff Jonez [PersonRank 1]

17 years ago #

I really like the unobtrusiveness... but i had to really work to style it to fit my sites. some of the images have white borders that look poor on my light on dark site. I'd be happy to trim them better and send 'em back if you like.

Stats are always welcome, as well as shout outs for your customers. :)

Ryan [PersonRank 0]

17 years ago #

Hey Jeff.. yeah I have been coding so much backend stuff that I didn't have time to edit any of the images.

Most of them were just copied and saved from the sites themselves (except google)

if you want to send me better ones, I'd be glad to use them... the email is on the site's FAQ/Help page.

Corsin Camichel [PersonRank 10]

17 years ago #

Can you add more than one scriplet on one page? No matter which one I hover, it always shows the first one in the code. Is this a bug?

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