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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

No More World Cup Results on Google?

Did Google kill the onebox World Cup results? E.g. when I enter germany ecuador or germany ecuador results (the two teams were playing tonight), the instant results are not triggered anymore. [Thanks Colin Prince for the info.]


Blogsitter aims to help bloggers who want to go on vacation but don’t want to leave their blog all alone. Interesting concept, but I’m not sure it’s very realistic to find “easy replacements.” For any given blog there are dozens of rules to consider, and when I look for a co-blogger I could only look amongst people who post in the comments here and read along, and possibly have their own blog – everyone else probably would need to study too many rules to understand the concept (which sources to check, what HTML to consider, how to remove spam comments, which icons to use, which other blogs to check in the topic area, not even mentioning to check all the emails for that time, etc.). And I suppose the same is true for any other blog. So the hard part is not finding the right co- or guest-blogger, but finding one who doesn’t already work full-time and who actually has enough time to jump in full-time for a week or two. [Thanks Markus.]

Google Bans

A search for results in 0 pages on Google today. Either the domain was kicked out due to some algorithm, or Google blacklisted it manually. Only a brief while ago, this fresh domain and its various sub-domains, registered to Brausova Elena from Romania, were polluting Google with over 2 billion pages. [Via Kirby Witmer in the forum and Barry Schwartz.]

Progress Bar Google Module

This Google module for the Personalized Homepage lets you enter a title and a preferred time, and then displays a progress bar. It’s the kind of thing useful when your boss approaches you. [Disclosure: Alex and I did]


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