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Wednesday, June 9, 2004

Win Your Gmail (Round 3)


I have one more Gmail to spare, because a friend who won a Gmail here a while ago is donating a Gmail back to Google Blogoscoped.

Round 3 to win your Gmail is an open contest. Tell a joke that has something to do with Gmail. You can make up a joke, or copy a Gmail joke from somewhere, or change an existing joke... whatever you feel like, just post it in this discussion thread along with your first and last name, and your existing email.

I will choose the best joke tomorrow, so good luck once more!

PS: If you can’t think of a joke you may also write a rhyme or anything creative really.

Win Your Gmail (Round 2)


This is round 2 of 2 to win a Gmail. Round 1 has been awarded already.

Whoever will post the shortest search using a single text made up of letters A-Z which does not return any results will be awarded a Gmail by tomorrow.

For example, searching Google for sxzxztx does not return a single result. The search has 7 letters, so if nobody would find a search with 6 letters or less, the Gmail would go to this searcher.

Please post your shortest search to the discussion thread. You can provide up to 3 entries. If several entries have the same length, the first one who posted this entry will win. You also need provide your first and last name as well as your current email. I will check back here in around 24 hours. Good luck!

Win Your Gmail (Round 1)


I will award two more Gmails which I received. How to win them? Just post the answer to the following question in the competition forum thread, along with your first and last name and current email address:

Somewhere in my blog I have a picture of a Google employee who is also one of first to explore the territory of dynamically-compiled programs. What is the full URL of that blog post?

This is round 1 of 2. After the first question is answered, a second round will start.

Google Logo Creator Blogs

The latest Google Blog post features Dennis Hwang, the guy who draws the Google logos.

Find Articles

LookSmart FindArticles lets you search through over 2.5 million articles. [Via ResearchBuzz.]

View PageRank in Mozilla

A new add-on for the Googlebar displays a page’s PageRank. As opposed to the Google Toolbar this works with Mozilla, not Internet Explorer.


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