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Monday, August 16, 2004

The Google Phenomenon (Audio)

Today on NHPR - The Exchange with Laura Knoy was the Google Phenomenon. Laura’s guests are John Palfrey, Executive Director of the Berkman Center for Internet and Society, and Kevin Lee, CEO search engine marketing company Plus, somewhere through half of the show, I am answering Laura’s questions on Gmail. (You can listen to the Windows Media stream of the show.)

Nielsen on Answer Engines

From Nielsen’s latest Alertbox:

“Increasingly, the Internet user experience is becoming one of dipping a toe into websites rather than truly “visiting” them. Using search engines as their Web interface, people simply grab query-related nuggets from sites, but don’t engage with the sites themselves.”
– Jakob Nielsen, When Search Engines Become Answer Engines (Alertbox), August 16, 2004

Blog Search Engines

A very nice overview of blogspace diggers: the Big List of Blog Search Engines (and directories). You can add your own blog to most of these.

Eroogle, the New Booble?

Eroogle is a new adult content search engine for the German market. As opposed to the Booble incident, this one doesn’t look like it could hide under the “parody” cover. By the way, did you know that Booble went public? (Oh, and they also got their own Zeitgeist page.)

Alternative Gmail Names

What if Google’s Gmail will lose its name in the recent trademark trouble? Here are some name alternative suggestions:

Do you have more suggestions?


I’ve signed up for a site called LinkWorth*. I don’t know yet how well it works but the service promises to give webmasters links to include on their webpage – and get paid for it. It’s just another form of advertisement, except advertisers are also hoping for a chance to increase their site’s PageRank. The rates sounds good; if I find out more I will post an update.

*I don’t mind ads on my blog as long as they’re relevant to the subject and of potential use to visitors.

Feedster to Include Ads in RSS

“Within the next three weeks, Feedster will start incorporating (...) sponsored links in its feeds. It will clearly label the ads, which will appear as every sixth headline in the RSS feeds, [Scott Rafer, Feedster CEO] said. While it will start with the feeds generated from search results, Rafer said Feedster eventually will expand the ads to other feeds as well.”
– Matt Hicks, Feedster Preps Paid RSS Links as Ads Expand, August 16, 2004 [Via Anil Dash.]


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