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Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Google Blogging Guidelines?

[Google Club]

Nathan Weinberg of InsideGoogle says he has been leaked the first two sentences of Google’s blogging guidelines, which are:

  1. The first rule of Google is that you do not talk about Google.
  2. The second rule of Google is that you do not talk about Google.

Besides the Fight Club tongue-in-cheek this sounds like Google really fears Googlers to reveal company secrets – even though some Googlers definitely do talk about Google in their blogs from time to time. They are still more secretive than Mark Jen, of course (not too long ago, he got fired at Google for blogging).

Yahoo’s blogging guidelines on the other hand aren’t secret... see Jeremy Zawodny’s official PDF.

Also see the 5 fictional rules for blogging at Google (Google employee Kevin Fox managed to break all of them in one post).

Update: The two guidelines Nathan Weinberg posted are fake.


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