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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Site-specific Related Results

Dave O’Neill has made a screenshot of the site-specific related results Google was showing him when he entered [Veronica Mars].

MSN Beta Redesigned

Wow. Whatever Microsoft’s showing off at, it looks bad (and worse in Firefox)... and throws JavaScript errors. See the screenshot in case they remove or change it. [Via Gary Price.]

Positive Questions

Bert Decker, who blogs about communication, gives this example of how asking a question in a positive way works. A soldier serving at a chow line wanted to test the power of positive thinking, so he asked the first hundred soldiers:

“You don’t want a bowl of apricots do you?” 90% said NO.

The next 100 he changed his tactic, same question, different phrasing:
“Would you like a bowl of apricots?” 50% said YES.

Then, the clincher:
“Would you like one or two bowls of apricots?” 40% said 2, 50% said 1, and ONLY 10% SAID NO.

Real Name (TM)

Cool. Amazon trademarked Real Name ™ (it’s a badge worn by reviewers who don’t use a Made Up ™ nick, and just as nifty as Amazon’s 1-click patent). I’ve decided to change my forum form to celebrate.

Google Tattoo

Look at this: someone tattoed “Google” on his arm (either that, or it’s photoshopped).

Wikifiction on E-Paper

Biz Stone, who works at Google, proposes – as he puts it – a “crazy idea”:

“A real book made out of paper and all the rest of it; but it’s coated with e-ink and has a wireless receiver in the spine that activates when the book is closed.

The story inside the book is collectively edited online just like Wikipedia. The on-board receiver picks up the signal and the e-ink makes the necessary edits. The result is a kind of living book. The story changes over time. So if you want to find out how the version of the story you are reading *right now* ends then you’d better not put the book down. It’s like magic.”

Matt Cutts on Dashes vs Underscores

So should you use dashes or underscores in URLs? Dashes, of course – even a Googler says so (plus, they are visible when underlined, and if you have auto-linking instead of HTML, the right keywords will be attached, too).

Star Wars ASCII Art Movie

A long time ago, in a galaxy made up of letters only...

If you go to the command line (in Windows, Start -> Run) and enter [telnet], you can see the original Star Wars movie in ASCII art. [Thanks Srikanth in the forum.]


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