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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Google Down Today, Too

Google was down yesterday not only in Germany, but several other countries as well, as Google Germany’s Stefan Keuchel told Heise. Stefan would not name a reason for the outage, though. Heise assumes the reason might be related to Google’s DNS entries. And even though Heise yesterday reports that Google is seemingly back in control, at the moment, and related services were down for me again for some minutes.

On a side-note, I had to again remove all Google AdSense and Google Analytics code from my blog as it prevented it from loading.

If you too experience problems, it would be helpful if you post a comment with your location + services which don’t work for you.

Google Expand/ Collapse News Result

This looks new: a Google news result in Google’s web search which you can expand and collapse (it’s collapsed by default, probably because many people don’t need it). It works with a variety of search queries. This example shows that many improvements Google applies to its interface are actually reducing it to make it more simple.

German ISPs Seemingly Down, But It Was Google

This is a telling news bit by German IT magazine Heise. Heise yesterday reported that German DSL provider “Alice/Hansenet” had connection problems. People were not able to surf the web. Today, Heise posts an update to the story; Hansenet were researching into the case and realized there were no problems. Instead, it is now very likely that many people simply set Google as their homepage, and as Google had major outages in at least Germany yesterday, thought their internet connection didn’t work! [Thanks Markus.]

"Add to Google" Button

[+ Add to Google]

Dan Neal pointed me to this “+ Add to Google” button page. If you have this button on your blog, you allow Google Reader users to easily subscribe to your RSS or Atom feed.

Note that the site which users are being referred to needs a second click for validation, and this second URL being clicked on is always unique (the “et” parameter seems to changes with different Google Accounts, I suppose that’s to shield against client-side auto-subscription hacks).

Warning Label Generator

[Use Your Mask While Googling At All Times]

Generate your own warning label... [Via the Generator Blog.]

Strange Google Ad

Very strange. Levkur noticed that when you search Google for xyz, there will be an ad to the right reading: “test flash video ad ... test flash video ad ...”. Clicking on it forwards you to a Google search for the term “adwords”. I suppose this ad is not actually created by Google...


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