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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Google Base Strategy?

Peter asks: What’s the Google Base strategy?

Google Reality Maps

Look at this... it’s a Google Maps info box, only it’s real!

Google Video Dead

The Google Video service seems to be completely dead – it doesn’t return any results when searching, there are no more random/ popular videos on the front-page, and older permanent links to videos fail to work as well. I’ve asked Google for a statement and will post updates here. [Thanks Francesco L.]

Update: Google Video is working again.

VisitorVille 3D Video

This short video [WMV] of VisitorVille 3D is showing a walk around the city. (Note the actual quality of VV3D is smooth and detailed, unlike this video.)

Word Watch: Accidense

Accidense: when you accidentaly click on a Google AdSense ad. [Source: InsideGoogle.]

Yahoo Sues Fake News Creator

According to German Spiegel today, 30-years old Japanese programmer Takahiro Yamamoto created a news page parody in the style of Yahoo! News with the headline “Chinese Military Occupies Okinawa” – and is now being sued by Yahoo! Japan for trademark and patents infringement. Takahiro is now in custody. The page had been up for only about a day in October before the police closed it, yet it managed to attract 66,000 impressions, Spiegel says.

Sims Play Gmail Song

Via Mark in the forum, here are the Sims 2 avatars reenacting an “I Got My Gmail” power rock song. If historians in the year 2300 research what it was like to live in 2005, this would probably explain it.

If you can’t playback this on Google Video, try the Google Video Downloader site.

Update: It looks like the video has been removed.

Update 2: Google Video at large was broken, and is now working again.


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