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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Creative Commons Search Module

Often I’m looking for Creative Commons licensed content so I can reuse it on blogs or other sites. However, the Creative Commons searches of Google, Yahoo and the likes are often buried and hard to find, so I created this Creative Commons Search module to add to your personalized Google Homepage.

Google Maps Mentioned in Rapping Video

Adam emailed this:

“Don’t know if you’ve seen the “SNL rapping” video about The Chronicles of Narnia making the blogging circut – but there’s a funny bit in the middle of the video where the two guys try to figure out how to get to the movie theatre, so they break out a PDA and use Yahoo maps, Mapquest, and finally Google local to get there.”

Holiday Doodle Shows Mouse

Google started a new holiday Google doodle series. The first one is showing a mouse that... holds up a cardboard cut-out next to Google’s blue “g"?

Google/ AOL Press Release

Here’s the press release on the Google/ AOL “alliance.” A key part tells what’s in it for the users:

* Creating an AOL Marketplace through white labeling of Google’s advertising technology - enabling AOL to sell search advertising directly to advertisers on AOL-owned properties;
* Expanding display advertising throughout the Google network;
* Making AOL content more accessible to Google Web crawlers;
* Collaborating in video search and showcasing AOL’s premium video service within Google Video;
* Enabling Google Talk and AIM instant messaging users to communicate with each other, provided certain conditions are met; and
* Providing AOL marketing credits for its Internet properties.

[Thanks InsideGoogle.]

Google Personalized Trends

If you’ve always wanted to know more about yourself...

A new day, a new Google feature... as part of Google’s personalized search, Google released a “Trends” view. You can see your most common search queries, your monthly and daily search activity, as well as an info bit showing what people with similar searches also searched for (this might creep out the privacy crowd).

[Thanks David S., Jason S., Andrew Hitchcock, Sunil.]

Google Pays AOL $1 Billion

CNN/ Reuters report the Google/AOL deal is final now:

“America Online said Google had agreed to invest $1 billion to take a 5 percent stake in AOL, as part of an enhanced pact where Google will move beyond text-based advertising to allow AOL to sell graphical ads to Google’s fast-growing ad network.”

Note that this report talks of Google’s ad network, which would be AdSense, whereas The New York Times talked about ads on Google, which would be AdWords*. Did Saul Hansell/ the NYT mess up this one?

[Thanks Brinke Guthrie.]

*Quote the NYT: “Users of Google’s search engine will soon see something they are not used to on the notoriously spare site: advertising with logos and graphics.”

Google Zeitgeist 2005

Google releases their year-end Zeitgeist statistics. Here are this year’s top gainers:

  1. Myspace
  2. Ares
  3. Baidu
  4. wikipedia
  5. orkut
  6. iTunes
  7. Sky News
  8. World of Warcraft
  9. Green Day
  10. Leonardo da Vinci

(Hmm. Orkut? Da Vinci?)

[Via Waxy.]


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